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In-home Supportive Services Legislation

SB 878 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) – No position
As Amended on August 27, 2014

SB 878 is a budget trailer bill that makes a number of changes to In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) provider enrollment and orientation. Specific provisions include:

  • Effective immediately, IHSS provider orientation must include additional content on minimum wage and overtime pay, including paid travel time and wait time.
  • Beginning no later than April 1, 2015, provider orientation must be “on-site” and attended in person by prospective IHSS providers. Providers may attend the orientation only after completing the application for the IHSS provider enrollment process. Additionally, any oral presentation and written materials must be translated into all IHSS threshold languages in the county.
  • Effective April 1, 2015, representatives of the recognized employee organization in the county are permitted to make a presentation of up to 30 minutes at the orientation. Prior to this requirement taking effect, recognized employee organizations shall have the ability to make presentations at provider orientations as allowed as of September 1, 2014.

SB 878 includes an urgency clause that would take effect immediately upon signature by the Governor. Please recall that county costs for IHSS are capped by the IHSS MOE; if SB 878 results in additional costs, the state will bear costs above the MOE. SB 878, which represents an agreement between the Administration, labor and the Legislature, was passed by the Assembly on the last night of session and now awaits the Governor’s signature.

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