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Hundreds of New Bills Introduced as Deadline Nears

Tomorrow, February 18, marks the final day for members of the California State Legislature to introduce new bills for the 2021-22 legislative session. Although new bills have trickled in daily since the Legislature reconvened on January 3, members often wait until the final deadline week to introduce the bulk of their new proposals. With hundreds of bills introduced each day this week, this year is shaping up no differently.

Pursuant to constitutional and legislative rules, a bill must be introduced at least 30 days before any action is taken, including being heard in policy committees. A large number of newly introduced bills are “spot” bills, meaning they make non-substantive changes to current law or express the intent of the Legislature to pass a particular policy. Spot bills serve as placeholders while legislators, staff, and stakeholders work out the details. A full list of Legislative deadlines can be found on the Assembly’s online calendar.

CSAC’s legislative staff will continue to wade through the new bills before policy committee hearings kick into high gear next month, looking for bills that affect counties. Stay tuned to the CSAC Bulletin and CSAC’s policy committees for updates as the legislative session progresses.

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