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Judicial Council’s Invitation to Comment – Draft Statewide List of Capital Projects and Latest Update to Draft Revised Methodology

September 5, 2019

At its meeting last week, the Judicial Council’s Court Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) approved the following for circulation for public comment:

  1. DRAFT Statewide List of Trial Court Capital-Outlay Projects; and
  2. Latest update to the DRAFT Revision of Prioritization Methodology for Trial Court Capital-Outlay Projects. 

You can find the above documents at CFAC’s web page: www.courts.ca.gov/cfac.htm#panel26486 and Judicial Council’s Invitations to Comment web page at: www.courts.ca.gov/policyadmin-invitationstocomment.htm

For context:

  1. The draft statewide list of trial court capital projects has been developed through the collaborative effort of the trial courts and Judicial Council.  
  2. The latest update to the draft methodology captures all edits made since it was last reviewed/approved by the advisory committee at its meetings on February 21, 2019, and August 29, 2019.  
  3. Both the draft methodology, which is proposed to revise the Judicial Council’s current policy (2008), and the draft statewide list have been developed in response to the legislative mandate for the council to reassess and reprioritize its unfunded capital projects. The 2018 Budget Act trailer bill language (SB 847) requires that the Judicial Council develop/submit a reassessment of its capital-outlay projects to the legislature by December 31, 2019.
  4. CFAC’s 8/29 meeting was also recorded as a webcast. The webcast recording is available for viewing, along with that meeting’s agenda and materials, here: www.courts.ca.gov/42389.htm

Review/Comment: Judicial Council Facilities Services is now conducting the second review period per the schedule of milestones previously shared with you. 

Following this comment period, and in keeping with this schedule, CFAC plans to meet next on October 1, 2019, to make a final recommendation to the Judicial Council on the attached documents. To help us prepare for the October CFAC meeting, any comments you may have on the attached documents would be greatly appreciated by September 13, 2019, at CFAC’s e-mail inbox: CFAC@jud.ca.gov

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