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LAO Releases Report on Sea Level Rise: Local Governments Identified with Key Responsibilities

January 16, 2020

The Legislative Analyst’s Office recently released a reported titled Preparing for Rising Seas: How the State Can Help Support Local Coastal Adaptation Efforts. The report predicts that by 2100 California could experience as much as 7 feet of sea level rise and also suggests that local governments will be the key leader in preparation and mitigation of sea level rise.

The report cited several key challenges to local governments in the preparation for sea level rise including funding constraints, limited capacity of local governments, lack of forums for shared planning and decision-making, and protracted processes for attaining project permits.

The report provided several recommendations to help local governments to take action and also suggests that the state can play a key role in supporting local governments. Other recommendations included in the report are fostering regional-scale adaptation, supporting local planning and adaptation projects, providing information and support, and enhancing public awareness of sea level rise and its impacts.

For more detail you may view the report by visiting the LAO’s website here.

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