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Legislative Analyst’s Office Releases Fiscal Impacts of Proposition 47 Report

February 19, 2016

The Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) released a report looking at the fiscal impacts of Proposition 47 on the state. Proposition 47, approved by voters in 2014, made significant changes to California’s criminal justice system. The measure reduced the penalties for certain non-violent, non-serious drug and property crimes.

The resulting state savings from Proposition 47 would be spent on mental health and substance use services, truancy and dropout prevention and victim services. The report: 2016-17 Budget: Fiscal Impacts of Proposition 47 looks at the framework for meeting fiscal requirements, how much money should be deposited to the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund (SNSF) in 2016-17, how to pay for the SNSF deposit in 2016-17 and the allocation management of SNSF funds.

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