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Legislature Closer to a Water & Parks Bond Deal

September 7, 2017

SB 5, by Senator De León, was amended this week to reflect ongoing negotiations of stakeholders in a water and parks bond deal. The bill, which is currently awaiting a vote on the Assembly Floor, will need to return to Senate Floor for a final floor vote to concur in the amendments before the end of the legislative session next week.

If enacted, the bill would place the Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018 on the November 2018 General Election Ballot. The Act proposes the issuance of $3.997 billion in general obligation bonds for parks, water, recreation, and wildlife conservation. The bond also includes $5 million specifically for grants to improve county fairgrounds. 

Breakdown of funds available by category:

  • $1.37 billion dollars for park and recreation improvements;
  • $1.467 billion for water projects, including water way improvement, coastal protection, clean drinking water projects, and flood control. 
  • $652 million for conservancies and wildlife; and
  • $503 million for climate preparedness, habitat improvement and resource enhancement.

CSAC has not yet taken a position on this bill. We will take the measure up for consideration once it qualifies for the ballot. 

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