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NACo High Performance Leadership Academy Graduates (April 25, 2022 – July 29, 2022)

August 18, 2022

The CSAC William “Bill” Chiat Institute for Excellence in County Government congratulates one California County Supervisor and 75 California County staff members that took part in the second cohort of NACo’s High Performance Leadership Academy.

California County Supervisors and staff completed an intense 12-week online program (April 25 – July 29) designed for emerging leaders who are preparing to lead change, equipping them with the tools and resources to effectively lead, serve, and navigate change within county government and California communities.

Congratulations to Mono County Supervisor Stacy Corless (District 5), for completing the High Performance Leadership Academy!

The California County staff to complete the Academy are:

  • Aaron Gettis, Supervising Deputy County Counsel, Riverside County
  • Amy Irani, Environmental Health Director, Nevada County
  • Angelika King, Senior Workers’ Comp Adj-Conf., Shasta County
  • Annette Bedsworth, Director of Animal Care and Regulation, Sacramento County
  • April Tate, HHS Program Manager, Sutter County
  • Ashley Loftis, Community Outreach Manager, Tulare County
  • Ashley Saechao, Senior Staff Services Analyst, Shasta County
  • Barbara Andrade DuBransky, Deputy Director, Riverside County
  • Bernadette Gonzalez, Probation Division Manager, Santa Clara County
  • Bob Fayad, IT Manager IV, Riverside County
  • Bryan Wheeler, Director of Public Health, Mono County
  • Cheyenne Stone, Assistant to the CAO, Mono County
  • Chris Mokracek, Chief of Emergency Medical Services, Mono County
  • Christopher Glidden, Administrative Specialist I, Tulare County
  • Christopher Rosselli, Deputy Director, Riverside County
  • Cindy Nichol, Director of Airports, Sacramento County
  • Craig Dunn, Fire Captain, Sutter County
  • Darcie Antle, Chief Executive Officer, Mendocino County
  • Deb Vela, Personnel Service Officer, Tulare County
  • Debbie Edwards, Chief Deputy Auditor, Shasta County
  • Denae Harris, Agency Staff Srvs. Anal II-Conf., Shasta County
  • Dolyene Lane, Risk Management Asst II-Confidential, Shasta County
  • Dyana Bose, Staff Analyst III, Tulare County
  • Elisa Carias, Probation Division Manager, Santa Clara County
  • Erin Gettis, Department Director, Riverside County
  • Esmeralda Ovieda, Deputy Director of Accounting and Finance, Riverside County
  • Ethan Dye, Director, Sacramento County
  • Evelyn McCurdy, Supervising Child Support Specialist, Shasta County
  • Gabriella Covarrubias, Executive Assistant – Confidential, Shasta County
  • Geoff Hasz, IS Analyst, Lake County
  • Gina Duran, Psychiatric Emergency Services Supervisor, Sutter County
  • Hope Vasquez, Chief Financial Officer, Sheriff’s Office, Santa Barbara County
  • Jarrett Decker, Info Tech Support Specialist III, Sutter County
  • Jean Arnaz, Auditor-Accountant Supervisor, Shasta County
  • Jenn Whitlock, Human Resources Analyst II, Sutter County
  • Jennifer Mendoza Flores, County Counsel, Tulare County
  • Joanne Lim, Chief of Operations, Orange County
  • Joe Tudose, Legal Secretary, Sutter County
  • Julie Carlon, HHSA Program Manager, Shasta County
  • Julie Posadas-Guzman, EBP Program Manager, Santa Clara County
  • Karen Truong, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Sutter County
  • Ken Chandler, Program Chief 2, Riverside County
  • Kristen Racki, Chief Fiscal Officer, Shasta County
  • Kristina Birge, Social Worker Supervisor 1, Shasta County
  • Kristine Elliott, HHS Program Manager, Sutter County
  • Lee Brown, Coordinator, Sierra County
  • Leroy Cadena, Engineer Specialist, Santa Barbara County
  • Linda Sarvis, Deputy Clerk-Recorder III, Sutter County
  • Lisa Fisher, Office Assistant Supervisor, Shasta County
  • Liz Bellas, Director, Sacramento County
  • Lynna Monell, Clerk of the Board, San Bernardino County
  • Marci Wenstad, Senior Staff Services Analyst, Shasta County
  • Maria Bagley, Administrative Services manager, Contra Costa County
  • Mark Beckley, IT Supervisor, Tuolumne County
  • Mary Jo Flynn-Nevins, Chief of Emergency Services, Sacramento County
  • Michelle Schapansky, Payroll Manager-Auditor, Tulare County
  • Neal Hay, Director of Development Services, Sutter County
  • Nicholas Pasculli, County Communications Director, Monterey County
  • Nikki Aringer, Human Resources Analyst II, Sutter County
  • Nulek Singkeovilay, Administrative Services Officer II, Tulare County
  • Prabahar Joseph, IT Manager, Alameda County
  • Remon Tadrous, Director, Riverside County
  • Romera Liddell, Admin Services Manager, Riverside County
  • Rowena Concepcion, Deputy Director, Riverside County
  • Scheereen Dedman, County Clerk, Mono County
  • Sheeny Santos, Assistant Auditor-Controller, Sutter County
  • Sherry Lynn Peralta, Policy Director, Alameda County
  • Sheryl Pasalakis, Probation Accounting Supervisor, Tulare County
  • Sonia Cooley, Deputy Fire Marshall, Riverside County
  • Sonya Frost, SSA Division Director, Alameda County
  • Susana Bautista, Library Assistant I, Sutter County
  • Teresa Beecham, Chief Deputy County Counsel, Riverside County
  • Tiffany Swarthout, Public Health Manager, Tulare County
  • Wynn Ray, Supervising Child Support Specialist, Shasta County
  • Yolanda Apalategui Lugo, Director, Government and Community Affairs/Special Assistant, San Diego County

Congratulations to all of graduates who completed the program. To learn more about the Academy, visit the NACo website here.

Additionally, the CSAC Institute announces the third California cohort of the NACo High Performance Leadership Academy, from September 12 – December 16, 2022.  Click here to learn more and enroll.

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