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New Information About Your County’s Economy Now Available

December 19, 2019

Counties have a new tool for measuring and examining their local economies. Late last week, the organization that calculates the GDP for the nation and the states, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, released its first ever official analysis of GDP for every county in the United States.

The new measurement not only goes into detail about how much individual industries contribute to each county’s economic output, the numbers also stretch all the way back to 2001, giving county officials a wealth of information about how their communities’ economies have changed over almost twenty years.

A prototype of these numbers was available starting in December 2018, but they were not finalized and did not include the same level of detail.

This information will be useful to policymakers as they budget and plan for future growth. It could also give an important insight into the results of past decisions.

In addition to being available on the BEA’s website, the most recent year of data (2018) is now included in the CSAC Data Pile, a compilation of publicly available data about county governments and the people they serve.

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