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New SB 35 Statewide Determination Summary Released

July 11, 2019

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) released the new statewide SB 35 determination summary. According to HCD, 86 percent of California cities and counties have submitted state-mandated annual progress reports on housing for 2018, but most are not building enough housing to meet their planning targets. HCD released an updated list of jurisdictions subject to streamlined housing approvals for certain housing projects under SB 35, based on data from the annual progress reports.

Note the submission of the housing element annual progress report is an eligibility requirement for receipt of housing planning and infrastructure grants included in the recently passed state budget.

HCD’s online interactive map provides data for each jurisdiction, including data on whether or not the city or county:

  • Has an HCD-approved housing plan
  • Is subject to streamlined housing approvals
  • Has submitted its annual progress reports

The map also shows the number of housing permits issued to build affordable homes for households in each income category and how those permits compare with the jurisdiction’s housing need.

HCD has updated the following documents on its website:

  • Statewide Determination Summary: Provides a summary of jurisdictions currently:

    • Not subject to the streamlined ministerial approval process
      • 4 counties fall under this category
    • Subject to SB 35 streamlining for developments with at least 10 percent affordability
      • 38 counties fall under this category
    • Subject to SB 35 streamlining for developments with at least 50 percent affordability
      • 16 counties fall under this category
  • Determination Methodology and Background Data: Provides information on the determination methodology and background data.
  • Housing Element Implementation Tracker: Provides information on the status of jurisdictions’ housing elements, including whether they have:
    • Zoned enough land for housing
    • Adequately planned for emergency shelters and housing with supportive services
    • Submitted their Annual Progress Reports from 2013 through 2018
  • 5th Cycle Annual Progress Report Permitting Summary: Shows jurisdictions’ progress toward meeting their housing goals.
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