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OES Releases Voluntary Statewide Alert and Warning Guidelines for Public Comment

August 1, 2019

The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is accepting feedback on its voluntary statewide alert and warning guidelines. These guidelines were developed pursuant to SB 833 (McGuire 2018). CSAC supported SB 833 (McGuire) and worked with the author’s office to help develop a bill that would improve emergency alert and notification procedures state wide while simultaneously recognizing that emergency alert is not one size fits all.

In addition to requiring the development of voluntary alert and warning guidelines, SB 833 also authorizes Cal OES to impose conditions on applications for the voluntary Emergency Management Performance Grant Program (EMPG). These conditions would require applicants to operate alert and warning systems that are consistent with the voluntary guidelines. The purpose of the EMPG Program is to provide federal grants to state, local, territorial, and tribal governments to support comprehensive preparedness for all hazards. EMPG funding totals $350,100,000 for fiscal year 2019.

Cal OES staff had been working closely with local offices of emergency management and other emergency management preparedness organizations in the development and distribution of these guidelines. Comments on guidelines will be considered by the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) Alert and Warning Specialist Committee in September. If a county wishes to submit comments or has questions on the content of these regulations, please contact your county Cal OES Emergency Services Coordinator for your respective county. A list of Emergency Services Coordinators by region is available below.

Cal OES Coastal Region: https://www.caloes.ca.gov/RegionalOperationsSite/Documents/EMA_ESC_OA_Assignments_Coastal.pdf

Cal OES Inland Region:

Cal OES Southern Region:

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