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Racial Identity Profiling Advisory Board Releases First Annual Report

January 4, 2018

California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory (RIPA) Board released its first annual report as required by Assembly Bill 953. The report provides baseline information about existing policies and practices to prevent racial and identity profiling and sets the agenda and vision for the future work of the Board.

The following information is included in this year’s report:

  • A summary of the information that law enforcement agencies will collect and report to the California Department of Justice regarding stops.
  • A history of racial and identity profiling and information on current evidence-based research that will help stakeholders understand the issues.
  • Analysis of the data collected regarding citizen/civilian complaints, including complaints alleging racial and identity profiling that were reported to the DOJ by law enforcement in 2016.
  • A summary of the results of a survey the RIPA Board distributed to law enforcement agencies regarding agency policies on racial and identity profiling.
  • Analysis and recommendations about racial and identity profiling trainings provided to officers.

In each section of the report, the RIPA Board offers recommendations for best practices, next steps, and a vision for the Board’s future work and reports. A copy of the report can be found here. To view the accompanying video, please click here. .For additional information on the RIPA Board and for the datasets related to the report, please visit https://oag.ca.gov/ab953/board.

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