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State Budget Process Keeps on Rolling

July 1, 2021

Earlier this week, the Legislature adopted a bill that comprehensively amends the Budget Bill passed two weeks ago. The amendments, contained in SB 129, are the result of negotiations with Governor Newsom’s administration, an important aspect that was largely missing from the first Budget Bill, SB 128

Highlighting the piecemeal process that the state budget adoption has become in recent years, both the new budget bill and a few of the multiple budget trailer bills, still do not represent a complete agreement between the Legislature and the Governor. Several large issues remain outstanding:

  • The IHSS collective bargaining penalty, which CSAC continues to advocate in opposition to. The latest information indicates the budget agreement includes a seven percent penalty, but the language is not yet in print.
  • A $730.7 million water and drought resilience package.
  • A $258 million wildfire prevention and forest resilience package.
  • A $200 million agriculture package.

On other items of significance to counties, the outline of a deal is referred to in one of the Budget Bills, but at least some details are still to be resolved. For instance:

  • Broadband – $6 billion total, but several parts of the appropriation are subject to further legislation.
  • Homelessness – $4 billion is slated for the budget year and nearly as much the following year, but allocations and accountability measures have yet to be decided.
  • Criminal fines and fees – $151 million set aside, but the specific fees have not yet been determined.

The Legislature has been considering a few more trailer bills this week, but the process will not end there. CSAC staff expect negotiations on the items above, as well as others, to continue until summer recess, which begins in mid-July, and during the final month of session from mid-August to mid-September. A continuous, or rolling, budget is now the expectation rather than the exception.

Full details on these and numerous other provisions can be found in CSAC’s summary of the adopted budget. Counties should feel free to contact CSAC’s legislative staff with further questions. 

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