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State Invests $28 Million to Assist Local Contact Tracing Efforts

May 15, 2020

The state is investing nearly $28 million into two projects to help counties with contact tracing efforts, including $8.7 million to operationalize an online training program for up to 20,000 new contact tracers and $18.7 million for a data management system to support that new contact tracing workforce. The California Department of Finance notified the Legislature on the expected expenditures on May 8 as required by SB 89 (Chapter 2, Statutes of 2020).

The $8.7 million will be paid to the Universities of California San Francisco and Los Angeles to create an online training academy on the principles of epidemiology, contact tracing, and infectious disease training strategies. The training program will also include live sessions and will take approximately 20 hours over five days. Once completed, this trained workforce will be available to county public health departments at no charge to a requesting county.

The $18.7 million will flow through the California Department of Public Health to develop a new data management platform with Accenture, Salesforce, and Amazon to support the new contact tracing workforce. The new system will operate alongside the state’s existing disease surveillance system and is modeled on a large-scale online and call center-based contact tracing system in Massachusetts. Again, the new platform will be available to all local public health departments at no cost.
View the DoF letter to the Legislature here.

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