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Updating: CalRecycle Organic Waste Diversion Rulemaking

February 22, 2018

A current CalRecycle rulemaking could dramatically impact how county governments run their waste management programs. SB 1383 provided for a significant diversion of organic waste from landfills and CalRecycle’s first draft of the rules implementing the law had set forth an onerous and regimented statewide system.

CSAC staff and a coalition of waste industry stakeholders submitted comments about the draft rule and have been working closely with CalRecycle over the past six months to help share insight on how the rule could impact county governments and waste collection operations statewide.On Wednesday, February 21, CalRecycle hosted a meeting with stakeholders to share their intended updates to the rule and respond to the coalition letter.

There were many areas where Cal Recycle was willing to make significant changes based on the feedback provided to them by the coalition, including in areas of labeling, containers, rural waste collection programs, and the approval of franchise agreements.  The proposed revisions are positive, but there remains significant work to be done in the area of how CalRecycle will enforce the law.

In the coming months, CSAC staff will continue to work with CalRecycle in crafting this portion of the regulations. The new draft of the rules incorporating recently discussed changes will be released in early April ahead of two public workshops taking place on April 4 and April 6. The full formal rulemaking is expected in June.

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