Job Opportunity

Cash Manager (Administrative Manager I)
Orange County

Date Posted:

June 22, 2020


$57,865.60 – $115,024.00 Annually


This position is responsible for the cash management operations, including preparing/monitoring the cash flow forecasts for the $10 billion of public funds. This position is responsible for: tracking that all deposits to the treasury are deposited/recorded; ensuring that the bank accounts have funds to make required disbursements; the settlement/processing of payments by daily wires for investment trades; processing County & School District wire payments; monitoring, analyzing, budgeting, and charging appropriate users for all banking-related costs, recommending and reviewing requests from departments for banking services, ensuring compliance with NACHA/PCISS; and reviewing changes for all bank accounts.


Candidates meeting the desirable qualifications will have at least four (4) years of specific professional experience in most of the following areas:
Significant knowledge of and experience with Treasury/Cash management principles and practices, including, but not limited to:
Cash Flow Forecasting
Banking Related Services
Merchant Processing Services
Armored Car Services
Bank Account types and related controls
Bank Fee Analysis
ACH/NACHA regulations and compliance
Bank Reconciliation
Contract Management, relating to Treasury operations
Budget Management, relating to Treasury operations

How to Apply:

Apply online by 7/3/2020 12:00 AM Pacific at

Filing Deadline:

July 3, 2020 12:00AM

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