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Large Margins of Victory Make a Statement

“All politics is local” is a phrase we often hear. And it is no exaggeration. Take California county supervisors for example; they are extremely close to their constituents. They live in the same neighborhoods, shop in the same grocery stores, attend the same houses of worship… Easy access, no hiding. So when these residents declare in large numbers that they want their county supervisor to represent them at the state level, they know what they are talking about. 

That’s what happened on Tuesday when five county supervisors were elected to higher office. Kern County Supervisor Michael Rubio won a seat in the State Senate, while Supervisors Rich Gordon (San Mateo), Roger Dickinson (Sacramento), Susan Bonilla (Contra Costa), and Katcho Achadjian (San Luis Obispo) will be joining the Assembly. 

Their margins of victory were very impressive. Bonilla received 68.5% of the vote; Dickinson, 67.9%; Gordon, 59.2%; Rubio, 58.2%; and Achadjian, 57.9% — a confirmation that voters are pleased with these individuals’ public service as county supervisors and trust they will represent them well in the State Capitol. We share that faith. 

For California counties, the election of these five leaders is great news. They have been on the front lines. They grasp the complexities of county government. They understand the vital services counties provide 38 million Californians. They have lived the frustrations and bewilderment generated by actions – or lack of actions – within the big white building. And they will work to reform a dysfunctional system. 

Congratulations to Supervisors Gordon, Dickinson, Rubio, Bonilla and Achadjian. We are proud that you will be carrying the torch on behalf of California counties at such a critical time.

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