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California Counties’ Voice is Being Heard in the Capitol

Each year, Capitol Weekly, a well-read publication that covers California state government and politics, unveils a list of the top 100 most influential non-elected political leaders. I was pleased to learn that I am ranked No. 45 in the 2013 list released last night.  But making this list isn’t about me; it’s a result of the influential and successful work undertaken by our Association, as well as a reflection of the critical and complex issues we have dealt with the past few years.

First it was public safety realignment (an issue in which we are still deeply immersed); then it was the Affordable Care Act; and most recently, we are faced with a threat to silence the voice of local government through the gut-and-amend bill SB 594. When you throw other important ongoing issues into the mix — pension reform, water, transportation, CEQA, land use, and let’s not forget the annual state budget – you can understand why it’s important to see CSAC featured on a list like this. It seems like we are always in the midst of a political hornet’s nest of some type. And it seems that our staff and leadership are always able to effectively protect and promote the interests of California’s 58 counties and the 38 million residents we serve.

Capitol Weekly’s list features individuals; if it focused on influential organizations, CSAC would be near the top each year. Our influence continues to increase each year and I am excited and proud to lead this Association. This is the first year that we made the Top 100; I am confident it will not be the last.

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