Climate Change


California Counties and Climate Change

Climate change is a hot topic! From big business to the public sector, climate change is an issue that has reached just about everyone. And, it’s no coincidence that in California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature on AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, created an unprecedented push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to 1990 levels by 2020, through a combination of regulations and market mechanisms. Once again, California is ahead of the curve, forging ahead with a comprehensive strategy to attempt to deal with a major issue.

AB 32 implementation is now well underway and local governments are responding to the challenge by demonstrating leadership at the local and regional level, to influence GHG emissions reductions, and support a collaborative state, regional and local approach to the development of GHG reduction strategies. CSAC has established a Climate Change Task Force which is charged with acting as a sounding board for potential AB 32 rules and regulations. CSAC has also adopted a policy on climate change that will serve as the foundation for lobbying efforts on behalf of California’s counties.  

Climate change is an all-encompassing topic. From land use to landfills, its tentacles reach into multiple policy areas. CSAC staff are closely following the development of regulations and protocols and engaging the state on multiple levels. Please use this site as a resource for information regarding AB 32 regulatory updates, and workshops and seminars around the state. To view a CSAC’s platform on Climate Change, click here.

Co-Chair: Diane Dillon, Napa County
Co-Chair: Judy Case, Fresno County

CSAC Staff:

DeAnn Baker, Director of Legislative Affairs
Karen Keene, Senior Legislative Representative
Kiana Buss, Legislative Representative
Cara Martinson, Legislative Representative
Stanicia Boatner, Senior Legislative Assistant


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