Government Finance & Administration


Government Finance & Administration

The Government Finance and Administration (GFA) Policy Committee is responsible for all issues relating to finance, general government operations, and employee relations. Under that broad umbrella, the committee deals with such issues as taxation, redevelopment, debt financing, the state budget, economic development, retirement systems, workers’ compensation, state mandates, elections, and government technology. For the Employee Relations and Administration policy unit, which deals with issues regarding retirement systems, workers’ compensation and labor relations policy, please click here.

Chair: Henry Perea, Fresno County
Vice Chair: Erin Hannigan, Solano County

CSAC Staff:

Dorothy Holzem, Legislative Representative
Faith Conley,  Legislative Representative
Betsy Hammer, Legislative Analyst
Karen Schmelzer, Legislative Assistant


GF&A Active Bill Reports



Mandated Service Reimbursement and Reform




State Mandates

The California Constitutions requires the state to pay local agencies for the cost of mandated programs and services, yet obtaining reimbursement for mandated services is a struggle with multiple obstacles.

As one of CSAC’s priority issues for 2016, we will advocate for a schedule to pay off the state’s remaining mandate debt of over $1 billion and will actively engage in discussions about alternatives to the current reimbursement system.



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