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The Bulletin is a weekly electronic bulletin that covers the latest state legislative and budget news, as well CSAC and county information our members find useful.

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CSAC at the Capitol

CSAC’s Kiana Buss testifies before the Assembly Transportation Committee — July 6, 2015

CSAC President Vito Chiesa Testifies Before Senate Committee — July 2, 2015

CSAC Legislative Conference — 2015

CSAC Challenge Awards — 2014

National County Government Month – April 2015

CSAC and You

California County Women Supervisors Making A Difference — 2014

Prevention & Early Intervention Series — 2014

Napa Quake Series — 2014 

CSAC Annual Meeting — 2014

CSAC Challenge Awards — 2013

CSAC’s Smart Justice Series

CSAC Perspectives

Miscellaneous CSAC Videos

County Exhibits at the 2015 California State Fair

Rim Fire – Lessons Learned

County Exhibits at the 2014 California State Fair

CSAC Annual Meeting — 2013

CSAC Legislative Conference — 2013

CSAC Challenge Awards – 2012

CSAC Annual Meeting — 2012

CSAC Challenge Awards — 2011

CSAC Annual Meeting — 2011

CSAC Challenge Awards — 2010


CSAC Webinar Library

County Open Data Policies: How, Not Why

June 25, 2015

Much of the conversation to date about government and open data has focused on the potential benefits it would bring to citizens, businesses, and the agencies themselves. But currently pending legislation would require local agencies to take some first steps. The discussion now must turn to how. How should a county go about creating its open data policy? How can it implement that policy? What practical considerations should it take into account? Who can help?



The CSAC website resources page provides links to issues of interest to the Association and California counties. 

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