CSAC Institute – Leadership and Change: Practices to Move Organizations (124)
Location: San Jose at CSAC Annual Meeting

Why change efforts fail – Barriers to organizational change

Elected officials and executives alike discuss the need for change in their organizations, yet struggle when change seems difficult to accomplish within the depths of the organization. This course helps participants move past technical solutions to the leadership necessary for approaching adoptive challenges. Discussion highlights why some changes happen relatively quickly while others are stymied. Participants explore change from the perspective of those who the change affects. A simulation allows participants to examine the change process. Practical discussions focus on design of a change process, practices to diagnose, interpret and select interventions, and creating an environment in which participants and their employees expand their capacity to address adaptive change.   

Instructor Bill Chiat is Dean of the CSAC Institute. For the last 35 years he has worked with hundreds of local agencies in crafting change.

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