CSAC Institute – When Bad Things Happen: Managing Crises and the Unexpected (357)
Location: Sacramento

Prepare for organizational scandals and crises

Counties are prepared for natural disasters … but what about the internal crises and difficult situations? Counties have experienced federal and state investigations, embezzlement of county funds, arrest or death of an official, program failure, scandals uncovered and other unexpected situations. Are you prepared?  This course focuses on the communications principles required to properly anticipate and respond to organizational crises. Case studies are analyzed to identify successful and unsuccessful agency responses. A specific set of steps are examined to prepare a communications response, including role assignments, strategies and tactics which target affected audiences, key messages which tell the county’s story, and delivering the response via the media and other communications vehicles. Techniques are shared for response options, sample messages, understanding media perspective and how to avoid common pitfalls and missteps.

Instructors:  Sheri Benninghoven, APR is President of SAE Communications. Scott Summerfield is an expert in public agency strategic communications.

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