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April 27, 2017

SB 448 (Wieckowski) “Inactive” Special Districts and Property Tax Bills
As amended on April 18, 2017 – Oppose Unless Amended

SB 448 passed out of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee and is now headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee. SB 448 places requirements on multiple state and local entities related to property tax notice and service provision information. The main thrust of the measure is to expedite the dissolution of districts deemed to be “idle” or “inactive” through LAFCO. Most troublesome to CSAC is a provision that requires county property tax bills to include a list of all of the services provided by a city, county, special district, or school district that are funded by the general ad valorem property tax and any special taxes or special assessments levied. CSAC is requesting that this provision be stricken from the bill and additional amendments are made to reduce burden and costs on LAFCOs.

AB 1479 (Bonta) Supervisor of Public Records
As amended on March 21, 2017Oppose

AB 1479 passed out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and is now heading to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. AB 1479 would mandate that every local agency assign a supervisor of public records, who would be responsible for reviewing every Public Records Act request and denial to ensure they are issued in accordance to the law. Additionally, the measure establishes new punitive damages assessed to agencies above and beyond the claimants’ attorney fees established by current law. As such, CSAC is strongly opposing the measure.

AB 467 (Mullin) Transportation Tax
As amended on April 17, 2017Support

AB 467 passed unanimously out of the Assembly Local Government and will be heard next by the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee on May 3. CSAC is pleased to sponsor AB 467, which would allow a local transportation tax expenditure plan to be posted online in lieu of being printed in county voter information handbooks at the discretion of the local transportation authority. This alternative, optional approach provides significant cost savings to counties wishing to seek voter approval for a transportation tax. The most recent amendments removed the fiscal designation allowing more time for the bill to be heard in the second policy committee pursuant to the double-referral.

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