County Structure


COVID -19: County Best Practices

California’s 58 Counties responded to swiftly and effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to protects their residents and communities. Following are a number of best practices developed by our counties since the pandemic began impact our lives in March 2020.

Counties are encouraged to submit additional best practices by sending a summary of their program(s) to David Liebler, CSAC Director of Public Affairs & Member Services at

Community-Focused Programs

Criminal Justice

Disaster Response & Management

Economic Programs

Employee-Related Programs

Health & Human Services




How Counties are Structured

The basic provisions for the government of California counties are contained in the California Constitution and the California Government Code. A county is the largest political subdivision of the state having corporate powers. It is vested by the Legislature with the powers necessary to provide for the health and welfare of the people within its borders. The specific organizational structure of a county in California will vary from county to county.

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