Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources

The Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources (AENR) Policy Committee is responsible for the review of state and federal legislative proposals, state budget items, regulatory issues, and ballot measures relating to the environment and California’s natural resources. The committee’s wide range of policy issues includes agriculture, air quality, cannabis, water, forestry, mining, endangered species, disasters, energy, parks and recreation, public lands, coastal resources, fish and game, solid waste, and hazardous waste. 

Chair: Heidi Hall, Nevada County
Vice Chair: Jessica Pyska, Lake County
Vice Chair: Tod Kimmelshue, Butte County


CSAC Staff:

Catherine Freeman, Legislative Advocate
Ada Waelder, Legislative Advocate
Amber Garcia, Legislative Analyst
Paul Shafer, Legislative Coordinator


AENR Bills of Interest

AENR Policy Unit Overview

2022 Year in Review & 2023 AENR Priorities



Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Recent News

News about AENR-related bills, budget actions, regulatory proposals, and more, as featured in the CSAC Bulletin.




2020-2021 Platform Chapters: Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources

The California County Platform is a statement of policies on issues of concern and interest to California’s counties. CSAC’s policy committees and Board of Directors review the platform regularly, amending and updating when necessary. Generally, CSAC policy committees adopt recommend updates to their relevant platform chapters every two years at the Annual Meeting. Committee recommendations are adopted through an action item and then sent to the Board to be adopted for final approval.

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