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The Voice of California’s Counties

CSAC is a trusted broker of information about the effects of state laws on counties and helps develop and communicate policies that directly impact the programs and services provided by California’s counties.

Counties in California are responsible for providing nearly all state and municipal services. We communicate our positions to the Legislature, Governor’s office, agencies, commissions, and other state bodies through testimony, letters, and meetings.

Likewise, we analyze and report to counties about important decisions made at the state and federal levels through the CSAC Bulletin, our website, email alerts, and policy committee meetings. CSAC also works with the news media to present legislative priorities and builds coalitions with other interest groups.


Priorities and Policy Areas

CSAC Priority Issues
Developed annually, CSAC’s state and federal legislative priorities reflect the issues that are important to counties and are likely to arise in the Capitol during the legislative session.

View 2024 Adopted Policy Committee Priorities.

CSAC Policy Areas
CSAC’s policy committees each deal with a different set of issues. Follow the links below to find legislative reports and other content for each of those areas. These days, many state policies are decided through the budget process. Therefore, all policy areas contribute to CSAC’s budget advocacy.

The County Platform
CSAC’s positions on bills, regulations, and budget proposals are determined by the County Platform, which is reviewed and updated by policy committees and the board of directors at least every two years.


Data and Research

The data and research page is a place where we take a closer look at the data that describes California and informs the policy choices we face.


Legislative Tracking

CSAC tracks and takes positions on many bills each year. Our legislative tracking page provides access to a variety of bill reports and to our bill search tool. Use these to find CSAC’s positions on bills as well as any bill letters or CSAC Bulletin articles we have written about them.


Litigation Coordination Program

The CSAC Litigation Coordination Program monitors litigation of concern to counties statewide, coordinates the defense of major multi-county litigation, provides amicus (friend of the court) support where appropriate, and disseminates current information to county counsels in the form of litigation alerts and updates on cases involving public law issues. The program is administered by the County Counsels’ Association.


The CSAC Bulletin

This newsletter is our primary tool for informing counties about what’s happening at the Capitol with bills, the state budget, and regulatory changes. To subscribe, please email Jenny Tan.


Advocacy Staff

Please contact CSAC’s legislative staff with any questions about state policy. 

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