Housing, Land Use & Transportation


Housing, Land Use & Transportation

The CSAC Housing, Land Use and Transportation Committee reviews state budget items, ballot resolutions and state/federal legislative proposals in these three important interrelated areas. Major areas of policy development and review include, transportation/infrastructure planning and funding, public works contract administration, general plan/planning procedures (e.g., water planning, etc.), growth strategies and regional government decision-making proposals, housing policies, airport land use commissions, authority of state agencies (e.g., Office of Planning and Research, CalTrans, and Housing and Community Development) and federal transportation programs. In addition, Native American issues were recently placed under the purview of this committee, which includes policy development related to Indian Gaming, protection of sacred sites and other collaborative opportunities for government-to-government relations between counties and tribal governments.

Chair: Denise Carter, Colusa County
Vice Chair: Alfredo Pedroza, Napa County

CSAC Staff:

Chris Lee, Legislative Representative
Marina Espinoza, Legislative Analyst
Karen Schmelzer, Legislative Assistant

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