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The CSAC Institute Opens in North State

The CSAC Institute Opens in North State“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

​With Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom echoing across the centuries, I want to invite my county colleagues across California to make an investment in your own future by enrolling in courses offered by the CSAC Institute for Excellence in County Government. There are classes available in several locations around the state and I am pleased to tell you that the newest campus is located right here in beautiful Shasta County.

CSAC noted that many of the students attending classes at the campus in Sacramento were making a long trek down I-5. It’s a great compliment that people were willing to make that drive, but it required either a very long day on the road or an overnight stay. This new campus, a joint venture between Shasta and Tehama counties, is designed to make it much more convenient for those of us in the northern third of the state to take advantage of the Institute’s courses. 

Since 2009 the CSAC Institute has been helping county supervisors and senior staff to learn, grow, and expand their leadership abilities. The Institute now operates as part of the California Counties Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to provide educational opportunities and resources exclusively for California counties.

With ever-increasing demands from our changing communities and workforce, and the growing complexity of county business, the demands on county leaders are more challenging than ever. We can all use more knowledge about the issues and a deeper understanding of what it means to govern. I learned long ago in my law enforcement career the critical importance of training. High-quality training to best equip county leaders to be even more successful in their communities. That is exactly what the Institute delivers.

Of course, we could all use 28 hours in the day, or the ability to be in two places at once, and that’s why expanding the number of locations, and especially this new Shasta County satellite campus can make a difference. We can’t teach you how to be two places at once, but CSAC is working hard to bring the best of the Institute a little closer to more people.

In the last several years, the Institute has opened new campuses in Merced, Contra Costa, and Southern California Counties, in addition to the location near CSAC’s office in Sacramento. The new location in Shasta County brings this amazing county resource even closer to many county leaders. I want to personally thank CSAC’s leadership and the California County Foundation Board for recognizing the benefits of opening this new campus. I also want to recognize my colleagues in Tehama County whose partnership was critical in making this happen.

The courses are designed specifically for county leaders and staff, and the instructors are knowledgeable and engaging. The Shasta Campus winter schedule includes courses like “Thinking Strategically in Trying Times,” “Intergenerational Leadership,” and “Local Governance in California,” just to name a few. Please take a look at the schedule. I’m sure you’ll find several courses that can help you in your county job, or as an elected county official.

This is just one more way that CSAC is providing value to California counties. From its leadership on statewide issues to conducting regional meetings on key issues and providing educational opportunities like those offered by the Institute, CSAC is reaching out to counties and making a difference. I hope you’ll take a look at the schedule, and take advantage of what they have to offer at the new campus—or at any of the existing CSAC Institute locations. After all, who can argue with Benjamin Franklin?

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