Government Finance & Administration


Government Finance & Administration

The Government Finance and Administration (GFA) Policy Committee is responsible for all issues relating to finance, general government operations, and employee relations. Under that broad umbrella, the committee deals with such issues as taxation, the state budget, economic development, broadband, retirement systems, workers’ compensation, state mandates, veterans’ affairs, and elections.

GFA Policy Unit Overview

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Mani Grewal, Stanislaus County
Vice Chair: Ryan Campbell, Tuolumne County
Vice Chair: Nathan Magsig, Fresno County


CSAC Staff:

Kalyn Dean, Legislative Advocate
Eric Lawyer, Legislative Advocate
Stanicia Boatner, Legislative Analyst
Paul Shafer, Legislative Coordinator


GFA Policy Platforms

  -Government Operations

  -Public Employment and Retirement

  -Financing County Services

  -State Mandates

  -Economic Development

All CSAC Policy Platforms


GFA Bulletins

News about GFA-related bills, budget actions, regulatory proposals, and more, as featured in the CSAC Bulletin.



Bill Reports

For reports on bills in specific issue areas within GFA, click here.

Bill Search
Include “AB” or “SB” before bill numbers, or use keyword search.

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Meeting Agendas

Find agendas and related materials for meetings of the GFA policy committee.


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