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CSAC Support Hub
For Criminal Justice Programming

To assist county leaders in their efforts to provide high-quality criminal justice programs that are cost-effective and results driven, the CSAC Support Hub for Criminal Justice Programming offers a spectrum of services to support county leaders in their decision making process and assessment of local systems in addition to criminal justice programs. Through the use of research and analytics, counties can better assess their criminal justice program performance, cost-effectiveness, and results.

The CSAC Support Hub for Criminal Justice Programming incorporates the Results First approach along with a range of tools and programs to “meet counties where they are at” and provide a spectrum of services to support counties’ needs at different levels of engagement, ranging from a comprehensive application of the Results First approach (high) to EBP Training Workshops (low). 

The Results First approach is an approach developed by the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative in which helps incorporate the best available research into decisions about program investments. Although it seems simple — the approach takes time and effort to implement.

First, IDENTIFY what are the programs your jurisdiction is funding to address your adult criminal justice population and gather information to learn about funding and target population. Building a comprehensive program inventory helps you build a baseline in your county and identify the level of evidence for each program. 

Second, when data is available, CONSIDER whether the program’s benefits outweigh its costs. With our support, counties collect and analyze the data needed to develop a county-specific cost-benefit model that assesses the long-term costs and benefits of many programs provided in the county.

Third, use the results – the program inventory and the cost-benefit tool – to inform the decisions you need to make about what programs to fund ; the goal is to help you develop the information you need – to strategically invest in the programs that work and will produce the best outcomes in your county.

Video: CSAC presents to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on Results First Initiative, August 16, 2016

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