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Entering 2022 with CSAC’s Support Hub For Criminal Justice Programming

January 6, 2022

As the CSAC Support Hub for Criminal Justice Programming (Support Hub) heads into 2022, all counties are reminded of the opportunity to partner with the Support Hub, either formally or informally. Counties can take immediate action around improving evidence-based and data driven strategies for their criminal justice programming and helping lead to more effective outcomes and increased public safety.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, and much more at the forefront of operations – staffing and workload often need to shift. To better assist the technical needs of counties in this work, the Support Hub has made resources available online to all counties who may not be able to proceed with full partnership engagement but want to take progressive steps forward in their local programming.

In addition, a brief report has been put together outlining the recent work undertaken within the Support Hub, how counties are engaging and feel about the assistance received, and what online resources are available to all counties. To inquire about future opportunities or partnerships with the Support Hub, please contact Ryan Souza, Program Director, at RSouza@counties.org.  Read the Report here.

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