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Apply Now: County Drought Resilience Planning Assistance Program

September 21, 2023

Counties are eligible for direct financial assistance to develop a County Drought Resilience Plan through the County Drought Resilience Planning Assistance Program. Under SB 552, counties are required to

  • Develop a plan that includes potential drought and water shortage risk and solutions for state small water systems  and domestic wells within the county’s  jurisdiction; and
  • Establish a standing task force to facilitate drought and water shortage preparedness within the county.

Counties can request up to $125,000 in financial assistance or direct technical assistance to access one-time support through the Department of Water Resources. The deadline to apply for financial assistance is December 29, 2023.

To access the applications or find out more information, visit DWR’s website or contact Sarah Ko at CountyDRP@water.ca.gov or (916) 873-5187.


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