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Apply Now for HCD Prohousing Designation Program – Final Regulations Pending

AB 101 (Committee on Budget, 2019) tasked HCD with designating jurisdictions as “Prohousing” when they demonstrate policies and strategies to accelerate housing production. In turn, Prohousing jurisdictions will be awarded additional points or preference in grant programs, such as the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities, Transformative Climate Communities, and Infill Incentive Grant programs as well as other state programs.

The City of Sacramento recently became the first jurisdiction to earn the Prohousing Designation. At least two counties, Placer and Tulare, have already applied and CSAC encourages other counties to take advantage of this opportunity to receive preference in grant programs and highlight your county’s creative policies to promote housing development at all income levels.

Public Comment on Prohousing Designation Regulations

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is currently soliciting public comment in response to the proposed regulations for the Prohousing Designation Program. HCD launched this program through emergency regulations on June 30, 2021 and recently initiated the process to go through the regular rulemaking process to convert the emergency regulations into regular regulations. The emergency regulations will remain in effect throughout the regular rulemaking process.

A link to HCD’s proposed regulations is available on HCD’s Prohousing Designation Program webpage. The deadline to submit public comment in response to the proposed regulations is Wednesday, March 23.

Public comment may be submitted by email at ProhousingPolicies@hcd.ca.gov. CSAC will be submitting public comments to HCD in response to the proposed regulations. Please share any feedback on the proposed regulations with Marina Espinoza by Wednesday, March 16.

A summary of CSAC’s previous engagement and comments in response to the emergency regulations for the program is available here.

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