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Assembly Bill 2083 MOU Guidance Released

December 19, 2019

The California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS), has now finalized and posted the MOU Implementation Guidance for counties.

The passage of Assembly Bill 2083 (Chapter 815, Statutes of 2018) requires counties to work with local agencies, entities, and stakeholder groups to develop these MOUs. CSAC supported this bill that was sponsored by the County Welfare Directors Association of California and authored by Assembly Member Ken Cooley. AB 2083 also required the state to establish an interagency placement resolution team with representatives from the relevant state departments to provide guidance and technical assistance to counties and other entities on establishing MOUs to identify and secure the appropriate services for youth who have experienced severe trauma.

CHHS convened numerous state departments, county associations, counties, and other local partners to discuss coordination of services for high-needs children and youth. The purpose of this meeting was to begin a partnership between state, regional center, and county experts to identify best practices, explore new strategies, and improve positive outcomes for children and youth who are served by multiple public programs and have often experienced trauma. The stakeholder meetings also provided a collaborative framework to develop the required guidance for counties and other entities.

The published MOU implementation guidance provides counties and other entities with guiding principles, questions and best practices to assist entities in developing their MOUs. CHHS separates the guidance into the 11 MOU requirements listed below.

  • Establishment and operation of an Interagency Leadership Team
  • Commitment to implementation of the Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM)
  • Information and data sharing agreements
  • Processes for screening, assessment, and entry to care
  • Processes for child and family teaming and universal service planning
  • Establishment and operation of an Interagency Placement Committee 
  • Alignment and coordination of transportation and other foster youth services
  • Staff recruitment, training, and coaching
  • Financial resource management
  • Development of dispute resolution process
  • Recruitment and management of resources families and delivery of therapeutic foster care services

Action Required

In conjunction with the release of the MOU guidance, the relevant state departments also issued All County Letter 19-116 that outlines a deadline of July 1, 2020 for all county MOUs to be submitted to AB2083@chhs.ca.gov.

CHHS has developed the Joint Interagency State Resolution Team that can provide technical assistance throughout the process of developing MOUs. For questions related to AB 2083 or to request technical assistance please email AB2083@chhs.ca.gov

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