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Board of Forestry Releases New Fire Safe Draft Text for Upcoming Workshop

February 11, 2021

The Board of Forestry released new text of proposed changes to the State Fire Safe Regulations on February 8th. This new draft will be used for an upcoming public workshop on February 24th. The new draft of the regulations can be found here. CSAC strongly encourages counties to review the new proposed changes to the Fire Safe Regulations and submit comments by February 17th. Comments received prior to February 17th will be included for discussion during the February 24th workshop. Register to attend the workshop here.

In addition, Board of Forestry staff has released a guidance memo to help with review and includes key questions for the Board and stakeholders. That memo can be found here.  The Board staff is seeking input on the following topics:

  • Thresholds regarding ADU and wildfire rebuild exemptions,
  • Thresholds for limiting development on existing roads,
  • Thresholds that trigger safety mitigations for projects on existing roads, and
  • The concept of an area of refuge to help provide a safe space during fire related incidents.

CSAC and other local government advocacy groups have been closely monitoring the development of new Fire Safe Regulations for the past several months. This has included participation in several workshops  and a local government stakeholder meeting to discuss the proposed changes and direct meetings with Board of Forestry members and staff. Our efforts have been successful in helping create a more reasonable timeline to give counties and other stakeholders an appropriate amount of time to provide comments and feedback. If your county plans to submit comments, please send them to Edith Hannigan at the Board of Forestry with a CC to Nick Cronenwett.

If you have any questions regarding the Fire Safe Regulations please email Legislative Analyst, Nick Cronenwett.

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