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Broadband Update: State Digital Equity Plan Public Comment Deadline, Upcoming Broadband Events, and the Affordable Connectivity Program

January 11, 2024

CSAC Advocates for the Affordable Connectivity Program

On January 5, 2024, CSAC submitted a letter to the California Congressional Delegation to request continued funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a critical tool to increase access to internet services for underserved communities is projected to be exhausted by April of this year. Yesterday, the Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act was introduced in Congress to extend funding for the ACP through the end of 2024.

Without congressional action to extend the program, millions of Californians who rely on the ACP, including low-income seniors, veterans, and students, would see their internet bill increase. Moreover, in some cases, households may lose internet access altogether. Presently, the ACP is projected to exhaust its funding by the end of April 2024.

In preparation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to wind down the program. The FCC will stop accepting new enrollments after Wednesday, February 7, 2024 (less than one month from now), per the ACP Wind-Down Fact Sheet. Counties are strongly encouraged to continue telling residents about this program and encouraging eligible households to apply before 2/7.

This federally funded initiative helps low-income households pay for internet services by offering a $30 monthly discount on home internet (up to $75 per month for households on qualifying tribal lands) and a one-time discount of up to $100 for a computer or a tablet. As of January 2024, 2,903,586 California households, or 48 percent of all ACP-eligible households have enrolled in the ACP.

Additional resources to advocate for continuing funding for the ACP are available via the National Association of Counties’ Affordable Connectivity Program Outreach Toolkit.

Reminder: State Digital Equity Plan Public Comment Period Open Until 1/25/2024

As previously reported by CSAC, in December 2023 the California Department of Technology (CDT) published the long-anticipated Draft State Digital Equity Plan. Counties are encouraged to review the state’s plan and provide feedback regarding their assessment of the current broadband landscape, the identified targets, and the planned strategies and activities to achieve those targets.

Public comment may be submitted through Thursday, January 25, 2024. Comments can be submitted using the Digital Equity Plan public comment form. All comments on the plan submitted to the Department will be publicly posted on the Broadband for All website.

Additionally, in December, CDT hosted an informational webinar on the State Digital Equity Plan. If you were not able to attend, the video recording, presentation deck, and the minutes of the webinar have been posted here.

Upcoming Meeting: California Broadband Council  - Wednesday, January 24, 2024

During the January meeting of the California Broadband Council the California Department of Technology, California Public Utilities Commission, and California Emerging Technology Fund will provide updates on:

  • Broadband for All Action Plan implementation,
  • Middle and Last Mile programs,
  • Statewide Affordable Connectivity program mobilization effort,
  • State Digital Equity planning process
  • Broadband Equity, Access, and Development Program planning process. 

Meeting information:

  • Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2024
  • Time: 9:30AM – 11:30AM
  • Location:


Covered California Tahoe Board Room

1601 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA

 Virtually via Zoom.

  • For more information, click here.  

Upcoming Meeting: Middle Mile Advisory Committee - Friday, January 19, 2024

The January meeting of the Middle Mile Advisory Committee is an opportunity for the public and stakeholders to receive an updated regarding the Middle-Mile initiative, and the Committee’s role to monitor the development and construction of the open-access middle-mile network.

Meeting information:

  • Date: Friday, January 19, 2024
  • Time: 10:00AM – 11:30AM
  • Location:


California Department of Energy, Rosenfeld Hearing Room

1916 9th Street, Sacramento, CA

Virtually via Zoom.

  • For more information, click here.  
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