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California County Supervisors and Staff Complete NACo High Performance Leadership Academy

May 19, 2022

The CSAC William “Bill” Chiat Institute for Excellence in County Government congratulates eight California County Supervisors and 53 California County staff members that took part in the second cohort of NACo’s High Performance Leadership Academy.

California County Supervisors and staff completed an intense 12-week online program designed for emerging leaders who are preparing to lead change, equipping them with the tools and resources to effectively lead, serve, and navigate change within county government and California communities. 

The California County Supervisors to complete the Academy are:

  • Supervisor Elizabeth “Betsy” Dirks, District 1, San Benito County
  • Supervisor Rhonda Duggan, District 2, Mono County
  • Supervisor Leticia Gonzalez, District 4, Madera County
  • Supervisor David Haubert, District 1, Alameda County
  • Supervisor Daron McDaniel, District 3, Merced County
  • Supervisor Josh Pedrozo, District 2, Merced County
  • Supervisor Wendy Root Askew, District 4, Monterey County
  • Supervisor Nora Vargas, District 1, San Diego County

The California County staff to complete the Academy are:

  • Elvia Barocio, Human Resources Analyst II, San Benito County
  • Andrew Bastaros, Senior Staff Analyst, Shasta County
  • Jennifer Berger, Child Support Attorney II, Shasta County
  • Kyla Brower, Chief Deputy Auditor, Shasta County
  • Kelly Bryant, Senior Staff Services Analyst, Shasta County
  • Kimberly Bunn, Assistant Finance Director, Mono County
  • Jana Canada, Network Administrator I, Sutter County
  • Mayra Cardenas, Program Specialist – CalWORKs, Tulare County
  • Sarah Carrillo, County Counsel, Tuolumne County
  • Harmanpreet Chauhan, Public Health Epidemiologist, Sutter County
  • Melissa Chavez, Chief Departmental Admin Services, Sacramento County
  • Sara Dedmon, Staff Analyst, Sutter County
  • Vanessa Delgado, Assistant Clerk of the Board, San Benito County
  • Teri Driscoll, Interim Assistant Registrar of Voters, Sutter County
  • Eric Erhardt, Assistant County Administrator, Tuolumne County
  • Cameron Frank, Accountant II, Mono County
  • Michelle Gambill, Chief Deputy Auditor, Shasta County
  • Ana Garcia, Administrative Manager I, Orange County
  • Kristine Golden, Chief Child Support Attorney, Shasta County
  • Clemencia Herberlein, Supervising Accountant, Shasta County
  • Lauren Hull, Management Analyst, Contra Costa County
  • Menaka Indrani, Technical Services Director, Alameda County
  • Monique Johnson, Administrative Manager II, Orange County
  • Lexy Kidd, Health Program Specialist I, Sutter County
  • Michele Kingsbury, Principal Management Analyst, Placer County
  • Emily Larsen, Administrative Assistant, Sutter County
  • Ray Lippincott, Facilities Maintenance Superintendent, Sutter County
  • Annie Liu, Deputy County Administrator, Sutter County
  • Hollis Magill, Director of Human Resources, Fresno County
  • Cameron McRoberts, Staff Services Analyst III, Tulare County
  • Melissa Melban, Administrative Specialist, Tulare County
  • Elsa Mendoza Jimenez, Director of Health Services, Monterey County
  • Ben Mitchell, Program Manager, Tulare County
  • Dolores Morales, Program Manager II, Santa Clara County
  • Peggy Murphy, Economic Development Coordinator, Humboldt County
  • Annie Ngo, Program Manager II, Santa Clara County
  • Kelsy Nolan, Financial Controller, California State Association of Counties
  • Ericka Nunez, Administrative Specialist, Tulare County
  • Alexandia (Ali) Olivas, Administrative Specialist II, Tulare County
  • Daniel Padilla, Program Manager, Sutter County
  • Tracie Riggs, County Administrative Officer, Tuolumne County
  • Alexandra Salazar, Recorder, San Benito County
  • Leah Shuffleton, Clinical Program Coordinator, Shasta County
  • Marc Utsey, Probation Division Manager, Santa Clara County
  • Debbie Vaughn, Assistant Director, Solano County
  • Alex Villa, Probation Division Manager, Santa Clara County
  • Denis Villanueva, Community Development Coordinator, Shasta County
  • Michael Watson, Social Services Manager, Solano County
  • Joanne Werthwein, Accountant II, Mono County
  • Tammie Weyker-Adkins, Chief of Staff, Tulare County
  • Jan Winslow, Administrative Specialist, Tulare County
  • James Ybarra, Deputy Tax Collector, Mono County
  • Yussel Zalapa, Principal Administrative Analyst, Fresno County

Congratulations to all of graduates who completed the program. To learn more about the Academy, visit the NACo website here.

Additionally, the CSAC Institute announces the third California cohort of the NACo High Performance Leadership Academy, from August 1 – November 4, 2022.  Click here to learn more and enroll.


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