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Californians Lead the Country: Congrats to NACo Leadership Academy Graduates!

August 30, 2023

The CSAC Institute is proud to congratulate the April graduates from the NACo Leadership Academy listed below. Our April graduates helped California become the first state to enroll more than 1,000 participants in a national training program that allows county leaders to take online courses for 12 weeks and come away stronger and more confident and with new professional connections. –

The NACo Leadership Academy has reached more than 10,000 graduates from around the country. Every three months a new, nationwide cohort goes through the program and the next session will run from September 18 to December 22. Click here to find out more. Or email Julie Harrold, a Senior Director of Enrollment helping coordinate the program, with any questions.

The CSAC Institute, which itself has hosted about 380 courses and filled almost 14,500 high-impact enrollment spots since 2017, is proud to partner with NACo to enroll new cohorts each quarter.

Congrats all:

  • Adam Baughman, Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer, Placer County
  • Allison Donahoe Beggs, Deputy Director of DPSS, Children Services, Riverside County
  • Amy Ellis, Deputy Director of Health & Human Services, Placer County
  • Amy Andrews, Supervising Fair Hearing Officer, Shasta County
  • Andrea Gutierrez, Title & Admin Tech Supervisor, Tulare County
  • Angelica Ramos-Allen, Policy Aide, Santa Clara County
  • Ann Merkle, Project Coordinator, Siskiyou County
  • Annette Burgos, Emergency Prep Manager, Public Health, Tulare County
  • Anthony Rao, Administrative Support Officer III, Santa Clara County
  • Antonio Venegas, Agricultural Biologist / Standards Specialist III, Imperial County
  • Bradford Boulais, Deputy Director of Facilities Management, Placer County
  • Brendan McGovern, Planner III, Napa County
  • Brent Casey, Deputy Director, Dept of Environmental Health, Riverside County
  • Brian Passenheim, Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Placer County
  • Carly Cabrera, Supervising Communications Specialist, Sonoma County
  • Chandra Reed-Wilkerson, Infrastructure Services Engineer, Alameda County
  • Claudio Padres, Assistant Chief Engineer, Riverside County
  • Corina Camarillo, Fiscal Support Supervisor, Kern County
  • Courtney Progner Morrow, Treasurer, Tax Collector & Clerk, Mariposa County
  • Crystal Jacobsen, Assistant Director of CDRA, Placer County
  • Donald Morrison, Supervising IT Analyst, Sacramento County
  • Dustin McLain, Chief – Parks and Resources, Riverside County
  • Eddie (E.J.) Crandell, County Supervisor, Lake County
  • Erick Morales, Senior Accountant, Kern County
  • Erika Cervantes, Chief Deputy Treasurer Tax Collector, Riverside County
  • Erin Mettler, Chief Fiscal Administrative Officer, Nevada County
  • Glen Mercer, Treasurer – Tax Manager, Placer County
  • Harold Jones, Administrative Services Officer, Riverside County
  • Jake Stroud, Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector, County of Monterey County
  • Jarrett Thiessen, Chief Information Officer, Placer County
  • Jason Davis, Sheriff’s Lieutenant, Placer County
  • Jayanthi Krishnamoorthy, Application Systems Engineer, Alameda County
  • Jeffery Thompson, Administrative & Fiscal Officer – II, Placer County
  • Jennifer Palmer, Director of Housing and Homeless Services, Napa County
  • Jennifer D’Urso, Principal Deputy ACR, Riverside County
  • Jennifer Kopfler, Deputy Director, Riverside County
  • Jennifer Hathaway, LVN, Siskiyou County
  • Jonathan Duey, Deputy Director of Facilities Management, Riverside County
  • Jorge Garcia-Perez, Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector, Tulare County
  • Julian Lopez, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner, Imperial County
  • Karen Lewis, Chief Appraiser, Placer County
  • Karen McMillen, Treasurer – Tax Manager, Placer County
  • Karen Avila, Probation Division Manager, Santa Clara County
  • Katarina Serna, Staff Services Analyst III, Tulare County
  • Katherine Slenders, Deputy Clerk of The Board II, Mariposa County
  • Katie Combs-Prichard, Public Information Assistant, Placer County
  • Katie Ingram, Animal Services Manager, Placer County
  • Kayla Reaster, Assistant Clerk of the Board, Butte County
  • Keith Roberts, Board of Supervisors District 4 Aide, Sonoma County
  • Kenneth Colwell, Fiscal Manager, Butte County
  • Kevin Bell, Assistant Director of Public Works, Placer County
  • Kristin Varga, Immunization, CD, STD, HIV Coordinator, Siskiyou County
  • Larry Jiang, IT Manager, Santa Clara County
  • Laura Cantu, Division Chief, Kern County
  • Leticia Swanson, Purchasing Analyst II, Shasta County
  • Lindsey Tillman, Supervising Child Support Specialist, Shasta County
  • Lisa Soto, Health & Human Services Assistant Program Director, Placer County
  • Maricela Hernandez, Fiscal Support Specialist, Kern County
  • Marie Waite, Director, Kings County
  • Mayra Flores, Chief of Staff, Santa Clara County
  • Melissa Mansfield, Agency Staff Srvs Anal II-Conf, Shasta County
  • Michelle Wohl, Deputy Director, DPSS Children’s Services Division, Riverside County
  • Monica Nielsen, Agricultural Commissioner/County Sealer, Mariposa County
  • Monique Spence, Administrative Secretary, Tulare County
  • Nicholas Martin, Management Analyst – Senior, Placer County
  • Nichole Houstone, Interim Permit Services Manager, Marin County
  • Nicole Orr, Executive Director – RUHS, Riverside County
  • Nilsa Gonzalez, Deputy Director, Environmental Health, Tulare County
  • Paul Breckenridge, Deputy Director of Facilities Management, Placer County
  • Ramon Leon, Deputy Director, Emergency Management Department, Riverside County
  • Raul Martinez, Assistant Director of Health & Human Services, Placer County
  • Richard Moorehead, Deputy Director of Public Works, Placer County
  • Robert Oldham, Director of Health & Human Services/Chief Psychiatrist, Placer County
  • Ron Zander, Senior Network Analyst-Security Team, Placer County
  • Sam Ross, Treasury Manager, Napa County
  • Sandra Mancilla, Senior Deputy Probation Officer, Marin County
  • Sarah Poots, Risk Manager, Kings County
  • Sarah Hagen, Health & Human Services Program Manager, Placer County
  • Soledad Uribe, Administrative Support Officer, Santa Clara County
  • Sonia Carranza, Environmental Health Supervisor, Tulare County
  • Stephen Aye, Assistant Registrar-Recorder, Placer County
  • Steve Monaghan, Information & General Services Agency Director, Nevada County
  • Suganya Karthikeyan, Supervising IT Analyst, Sacramento County
  • Suzanne Holloway, Human Resources Manager, Placer County
  • Tim Streeper, Deputy Director – Public Health, Alpine County


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