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Counties Encouraged to Act on National Sword Recycling Issue

January 11, 2019

CSAC is encouraging boards of supervisors statewide to adopt a local resolution requesting action from Governor Gavin Newsom on a major recycling issue related to Chinese trade import policies. Local governments are partners with the state in meeting California’s recycling and waste diversion goals. California has been largely successful in achieving and making progress towards these goals and others over recent years.

However, recent changes in China’s trade import policies have significantly disrupted California’s recycling industry by restricting foreign imports of recyclable materials and requiring reduced contamination levels in recycling streams. These changes, collectively referred to as “National Sword,” will ultimately close off Chinese and Asian markets to California’s scrap imports completely by 2020.

CSAC has written a letter to the Governor and a letter to all county boards of supervisors and public works directors describing the National Sword issue and included a sample resolution, which can be adopted locally, urging the governor to take action and create a task force to help address this significant issue.

If you have any questions, please contact Cara Martinson, Senior Legislative Representative and Federal Affairs Manager at Cmartinson@counties.org or 916-327-7500, ext. 504

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