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County Impacts: Monterey Program Leaders Collaborate to Drive ACP Enrollment

August 24, 2023

Watch the Monterey ACP Webinar Here

Monterey County is a great example of how a growing number of county program leaders and their partners are finding ways of harnessing the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to drive socioeconomic mobility and regional development.

On August 9th, CSAC hosted a webinar featuring two county program leaders, Library Director Hillary Theyer and IT Manager Sarah House, along with one of their regional partners, Ameer Othman, an Economic Development and Broadband Manager from the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP).

Each gave a detailed account of how they’re managing to create effective enrollment efforts by sustaining internal and external collaborations. Director Theyer, for example, explained that her team managed to leverage pre-existing relationships with other county services to quickly and seamlessly integrate ACP-related expertise into library-hosted ACP enrollment events.

Many county officials, managers, and staff across California are already aware that the stakes are high. As CSAC CEO Graham Knaus made when kicking off the webinar, ACP presents California with an historic opportunity. Since ACP provides eligible residents with $360 in annual high-speed internet subsidies and since more than 5.8 million Californians are eligible, we have the chance to ensure billions of federal dollars find their way into local and regional communities. It’s “gold in our hands,” Knaus said.

But what many folks are less sure of is how to leverage that gold. Listening to Theyer, House, and Othman makes clear that one of the most promising ways of increasing ACP enrollment is through local and regional collaboration. The panelists described partnerships between county departments, between counties and regional players, and between regional players and community colleges and other public-facing entities.

So if you’d like to get ideas about how to bring more federal dollars into your county, click here to watch our ACP enrollment webinar featuring Monterey, and for additional ideas click here to watch our previous ACP enrollment webinar featuring Los Angeles and Riverside.

A big thanks to Theyer, House, and Othman for participating, and a major thanks to their teams for demonstrating the power of collaboration!


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