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CSAC Advocates on Advanced Clean Fleet Regulations

March 14, 2024

In a January 2024 bulletin, CSAC reported on an Institute for Local Government survey assessing a variety of factors that will impact local government’s (cities, counties and special districts) ability to implement the Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) regulations. This survey found counties face numerous challenges to comply with regulations, including market availability of medium and heavy-duty zero emissions vehicles (ZEV), affordability, and usage limitations.

In today’s Senate Budget Subcommittee No. 5 on Corrections, Public Safety, Judiciary, Labor and Transportation, CSAC joined the League of California Cities (Cal Cities) and the California Special Districts Association in requesting Caltrans to report data on the types, number, and costs of the zero-emission vehicles and charging infrastructure to learn best practices, assess reasonable procurement timelines and determine realistic delivery estimates for charging infrastructure projects as well as vehicle and equipment procurement. Local governments and special districts need more information to successfully implement the ACF regulations, and Caltrans data could help inform planning for smaller or medium-sized entities who may not have the resources or buying power of a state department. CSAC shares our appreciation to Senator Newman for raising this issue and the Committee for devoting time to hearing our request for reporting language.

Elsewhere, CSAC Legislative Advocate for Housing, Land Use & Transportation Mark Neuburger participated in a panel on Clean Fleet Deployment at the Cal Cities Public Works Officers Institute in Monterey County. Neuburger, alongside Cal Cities Legislative Representative for Transportation, Communications, and Public Works Damon Conklin, shared the latest updates on clean fleet compliancy, reporting and what legislative and budgetary responses are being proposed this year.

CSAC continues to track developments on ACF regulations. Counties are encouraged to share their experience with navigating ACF regulations with Mark Neuburger (mneuburger@counties.org) and Kristina Gallagher (kgallagher@counties.org).

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