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CSAC Chief Executive Officer Graham Knaus Testifies on Homeless Housing Assistance and Prevention (HHAP) Program

April 18, 2024

Counties are on the frontlines of the homelessness response efforts and protecting Homeless Housing Assistance and Prevention (HHAP) funding is paramount to support vital programs. Today, CSAC Chief Executive Officer Graham Knaus joined the Senate Budget Subcommittee No. 4 to testify on behalf of California’s 58 counties’ experience with HHAP funding.

Knaus, alongside representatives from California’s cities, continuums of care, and tribes, reinforced the call for ongoing, flexible funding. Without additional funding for the HHAP program, counties will be forced to shutter existing programs that provide shelter, interim and permanent housing, and essential services.

Furthermore, Knaus underscored the deficiencies in the HHAP funding formula, which currently relies on Point in Time (PIT) counts. This mechanism inadvertently penalizes successful programs by diminishing future allocations. He also stressed CSAC’s plea for a baseline county allocation, ensuring that all counties receive a fundamental level of funding to initiate and maintain programs.

Watch Knaus’ testimony here and read CSAC’s letter on the HHAP funding program.

The HHAP program has been transformative to local efforts to address homelessness. Counties have been able to increase the availability of permanent supportive housing and provide the supportive services that are needed to help individuals with high needs remain successfully housed. The collaboration requirements, flexible funding, and accountability measures of the HHAP program are leading to successful program investments that must continue to be prioritized.

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