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CSAC Requests Feedback on Fire Safety Building Standards and Enforcement Bill

January 31, 2019

CSAC Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources staff would like feedback from counties on the following bill from Senator Bill Dodd. The bill was introduced on January 30 and is aimed at improving building standards and defensible space enforcement to reduce risk of fire. The bill is sponsored by the California Building Industry Association. Please send any comments to Nick Cronenwett at ncronenwett@counties.org

According to the author, SB 190 (Dodd) would do the following:

• Require the Office of the State Fire Marshal (SFM) to develop a model defensible space ordinance for consideration by local jurisdictions as a possible mandatory ordinance.

• Provide authority to local jurisdictions to recover related costs if they choose to adopt a mandatory defensible space ordinance.

• Require the SFM to develop and make available on the internet a Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Building Standards Compliance training manual for use in training local code enforcement personnel.

• Require the SFM to develop a guidance document for the maintenance of defensible space around structures and to submit it to the Building Standards Commission for consideration for adoption into the California Green Building Standards.

• Require the SFM to develop and update on a regular basis a WUI Products Handbook listing products and construction systems which comply with California’s WUI Fire Safety building standards.

• Authorize the SFM to expend funds, upon appropriation by the Legislature, from the Building Standards Administration Special Revolving Fund to cover the costs incurred in complying with this bill.

Click here for the bill’s fact sheet.

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