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CSAC Submits Comments on the Governor’s 2024-25 Proposed Budget

February 8, 2024

Governor Newsom announced his proposed budget for 2024-25, along with the state’s updated revenue forecast, on January 10, 2024. The CSAC team issued a Budget Action Bulletin update following the Governor’s budget release, highlighting the most significant impacts to counties.

Shortly thereafter, CSAC submitted letters to the Governor and legislative leaders detailing how CSAC and California’s counties are ready to partner with the legislature and the Governor’s administration to collectively address the state budget problem in the best interests of California’s vulnerable populations and to preserve core services.

CSAC urged the Governor and legislative leadership to prepare a budget that best supports vulnerable populations and preserves essential core services while making tough decisions to balance the budget and address the deficit. CSAC advised that it is critical to prioritize the services that protect our vulnerable populations, nearly all of which counties deliver on behalf of the state. Counties are the primary intergovernmental partner with the state in meeting the needs of California’s communities, and the state will need county expertise and ground truth in making difficult decisions.

To this end, CSAC submitted the following comments regarding the 2024-25 Governor’s Budget to inform budget conversations throughout the spring and summer:

  • Homelessness—CSAC remains committed to partnering with the administration and legislature to address the state’s homelessness crisis and continues to advocate for a comprehensive homelessness response system as envisioned in our AT HOME plan (Accountability, Transparency, Housing, Outreach, Mitigation & Economic Opportunity).
  • Safety Net Services—While CSAC is grateful that 2024-25 Governor’s Budget proposal preserves some recent safety net investments, we have significant concerns with the proposed cuts and program eliminations within CalWORKs and foster care.
  • Housing—The $1.2 billion in funding reductions for various housing programs proposed in the 2024-25 Governor’s Budget would hinder our ability to address the cycles of homelessness by reducing resources local government has leveraged to provide housing services to the homeless or to encourage the construction of new housing.
  • SB 1383 Organic Waste Diversion Implementation—The reduction in funding for climate programs in the 2024-25 Governor’s Budget includes cuts and shifts which undermine the faithful and diligent work that local government has done to carry out the state’s organic waste diversion priorities.

CSAC’s full letters regarding the 2024-25 proposed budget are available here:

CSAC staff work diligently with the administration and state lawmakers, as well as in coalition with other local government partners, to achieve a prudent budget plan that safeguards core services and enables counties to continue in their responsibility to support all Californians. Throughout 2024, CSAC will advocate on behalf of counties to empower and elevate our collective county voice.

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