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CSAC Submits Comments on OPR Fire Hazard Planning Technical Advisory

January 7, 2021

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) has recently released an updated draft technical advisory for Fire Hazard Planning. CSAC has submitted comments on this draft technical advisory which can be viewed at the CSAC AENR website here. Generally, CSAC found the technical advisory to be a valuable tool for local fire departments because it provides a concise set of resources to aid in developing and implementing wildfire prevention and mitigation programs. The recommendations are consistent with many efforts taking place across the county membership.

This draft has been prepared in response to Senate Bill 901 (Dodd 2018) and Assembly Bill 2911 (Friedman 2018), which called for OPR to update the Fire Hazard Planning technical advisory to include specific land use strategies to reduce fire risk to buildings, infrastructure, and communities. The draft technical advisory is intended to assist cities and counties as they revise their general plans. For more information on this update or CSAC’s comments please email Catherine Freeman.

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