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CSAC Supports State Constitutional Amendment for Local Government Financing

August 17, 2023

Standing in support of vital financial tools for local governments, Assembly Member Aguiar Curry authored Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 1 to provide counties, cities, and special districts more financing options for the priorities of local voters. ACA 1 would reduce the voter threshold for approval of bond and special tax measures that help fund critical infrastructure, permanent supportive housing, and affordable housing projects. Reducing the voter threshold from a two-thirds vote to a 55 percent majority for approval of bond and special tax measures would make it easier to address homelessness, housing costs, and critical infrastructure needs.

On Thursday, August 17, Assembly Member Aguiar-Curry held a press conference and rally in Sacramento in support of ACA 1. County Supervisor and CSAC First Vice President Bruce Gibson (San Luis Obispo County), coauthoring legislators, and other local government advocates including the California Professional Firefighters (measure sponsor), joined Assembly Member Aguiar-Curry in supporting local communities’ ability to address their critical housing and infrastructure needs. “The impacts are real: the two-thirds threshold has throttled crucial housing and infrastructure projects that we need to solve critical local problems,” noted Supervisor Gibson, who addressed the rally in support of the measure.

Counties can submit a letter of support for ACA 1 to the Legislature using the ACA 1 position letter template developed by CSAC. ACA 1 has been referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee and is not yet set to be heard in committee. CSAC will continue to track this measure and keep counties updated as it moves through the legislative process. If ACA 1 is approved, the CSAC Board will consider taking a formal position on the proposition before it is placed on the statewide ballot.

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