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CSAC Toolkit: Navigating the Brown Act and Disruptive Behavior During Public Meetings

January 4, 2024

Following our reporting on combatting disruptive behavior during public meetings in November 2023, we asked counties to share their best practices and policies for managing public meetings. This includes rules of civility, codes of conduct, scripts used to respond to meeting disruptions, and other resources that counties have found useful in conducting effective meetings during conflict.

As a result, CSAC has compiled those resources into a Brown Act toolkit designed to help counties promote efficient, effective, and safe governance of public meetings.

Click here to access the CSAC Brown Act Toolkit.

We appreciate the time and attention of the counties that provided information and resources to CSAC, which informed the development of this toolkit. CSAC will continue to share resources to aid counties in conducting meetings in a way that is inclusive, respectful, and productive.

If you have questions or would like to share best practices or policies from your county, please contact Eric Lawyer or Jessica Sankus.

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