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Draft SB 1121 Interim Report Remediation and Posting and Workshop

November 9, 2023

The California Transportation Commission (Commission) is pleased to announce the release of the Draft Senate Bill 1121 State and Local Transportation System Needs Assessment Interim Report (Interim Report) for a 30-day public comment period. You may find the Draft Senate Bill 1121 Interim Report posted here on the Senate Bill 1121 webpage. 

The registration link for the Draft Senate Bill 1121 Interim Report Workshop that will be held November 30th is provided below. 

Staff will present an informational update on the Draft Senate Bill 1121 Interim Report at the upcoming December 6-7 2023 Commission Meeting.  Commission staff will incorporate comments from stakeholders into the Draft Senate Bill 1121 Interim Report which will be finalized between now and January 2024 for transmittal to the Legislature. 

Please provide any comments to Frances.Dea-Sanchez@catc.ca.gov by December 8th.


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