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The Executive Order Puzzle

June 17, 2021

CSAC has worked with the Governor’s Office to develop an orderly rollback of the Governor’s 58 pandemic-related executive orders. First and foremost, the Governor’s office assured CSAC and other local government representatives that Executive Order N-29-20, which provides flexibility to state and local agencies and boards to conduct their business through virtual public meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, will not terminate on June 15. This assurance came in response to a coalition letter urging the Administration to allow enough time for local agencies to adjust operations and safely transition back to in-person public meetings.

The Governor is also rolling back executive orders by…signing two new executive orders! Executive Order N-07-21 terminates the statewide Stay-at-Home order and the Blueprint effective June 15 and Executive Order N-08-21 outlines modifications or withdrawals of executive orders in three phases: later this month, in July, and in September.

By the end of September, 90 percent of the pandemic-related orders will be rolled back, but the state declaration of a public health emergency will remain in place, which mirrors the federal public health emergency. Both emergency declarations are expected to remain in place until at least this fall to continue eligibility for disaster and other pandemic funding. In the meantime, CSAC will continue to work with the Administration on winding down the executive orders that impact counties.

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