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Feed Back Request on Ag, Environment and Natural Resources Bills

CSAC’s Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Policy Committee wants your feedback on a variety of bills working through the legislative process. From CEQA to solar siting to coastlines to utility issues – your input is needed to help CSAC advocate for county interests please see below for the list of bills and descriptions. and please contact Cara Martinson or Besty Hammer with your feedback.

AB 250 (Gonzalez Fletcher) would require the State Coastal Conservancy to develop and implement a “Lower Cost Coastal Accommodations Program” to facilitate improvement and development of existing and new lower cost accommodations within three miles of the coast.

AB 1129 (Stone) makes changes to laws related to beach access. It establishes a presumption that shoreline protective devices create negative effects, and asserts that natural alternatives to coastal armoring exist and are cheaper. AB 1129 also expands the scope of review and approval criteria for shoreline protective devices, and would require all such structures to be consistent with all the policies of the Coastal Act. It would also make any violation “knowing and intentional.”

AB 1414 (Friedman) extends the applicability of the existing limit on fees to rooftop solar to all solar energy systems and would remove the repeal date. It would also revise and reduce maximum permit fees for photovoltaic and thermal systems. AB 1414 would authorize commercial permit fees that exceed charges if the city or county provides substantial evidence of the reasonable cost to issue the permit and the duration of the charge for the excess amount is not more than two years from the date of the adoption of the ordinance or resolution that first established the permit fee.

SB 224 (Jackson) makes changes to CEQA and would prohibit lead agencies, in determining the baseline physical conditions by which a lead agency determines whether a project has a significant effect on the environment, from considering the effects of certain actions.

SB 618 (Bradford) makes changes to the community choice aggregation process. The bill would require that integrated resource plans filed by load-serving entities be reviewed and approved by the PUC. It would also require that all such plans contribute to a diverse and balanced portfolio of resources to provide optimal integration of renewable energy in a cost-effective manner, while meeting the specified emissions limits for greenhouse gases in proposition to each entity’s load share so that there is no cost shifting.

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